Floor Maintenance




Regular Maintenance Pays

Regular floor maintenance of polished concrete is the key to keeping the floors always looking new.

A proper maintenance program will prevent the need for costly refurbishing and repair of the floors. It's a cost and time investment worth making. Regular use of the DuraShine machine with the PolyPad Plus and Xtract High Gloss Cleaner will prevent vehicle and foot traffic from dulling the floor.

The PolyPad Plus maintenance pads are industry renowned and are the pad of choice for regular maintenance.

Diamond Xtract Gloss

Extracting and removing all dirt and debris from the floor is the key to regularly maintaining a polished concrete floor.

Diamond Xtract
PolyPad Plus

Continue the grit sequence with the PolyPad Plus buffing pads for a deep, lasting gloss.

PolyPad Plus