Floor Refurbishing




High Traffic Areas are susceptible to wear

This process is for worn concrete floors that were previously polished. Regular foot or vehicle traffic continuously scratch and abrade a polished concrete surface because of sand and grit particles on the floor. This reduces the gloss and clarity of the floor making it look worn and unattractive.

High traffic areas are the most susceptible to deteriorating and become easily visible by their dull and faded appearance often made worse by contrasting polished areas. Refurbishing is the process of progressively polishing worn areas to match the polished areas.

Refurbishing polished floors can be a challenging task, but the DuraShine System handles the task with ease. Run the DuraShine machine as a polisher in the higher resin grits and then run the machine as a burnisher with the PolyPads to achieve a uniform gloss.

If the floor requires sealing or coating, use DuraCoat for excellent protection against chemicals and wear.


Usually refurbishing steps begin at 400, but for really worn floors, it's possible to start at 200 grit.

PolyPad Plus

Continue the grit sequence with the PolyPad Plus buffing pads for a deep, lasting gloss.

PolyPad Plus
DuraCoat Coating

For optional protection, use the DuraCoat as a final step.