Concrete chemicals are a vital component to any polishing, refurbishing or maintenance procedure. They enhance, protect and keep the concrete surface clean.

DuraShine Chemicals





DuraTough Concrete Densifier

DuraTough - Concrete Densifier

  • High performance water based non-toxic chemical treatment.
  • Designed to harden, strengthen, stabilize, protect, and increases the mass & density of concrete structures.
  • This process reduces the porosity, increases the surface hardness and compression strength of the concrete.
  • DuraTough can increase the useful life of normal concrete.

5 Gallons (19L)
55 Gallons (208L)





DuraCoat Concrete Coating

DuraCoat - Coating

  • DuraCoat is a metal-crosslinked concrete topical that provides excellent water, isopropyl alcohol and amine resistance.
  • Developed with a new technology, DuraCoat has a long surface life, excellent chemical resistance, and exceptional durability against scratches and scuffs on polished concrete surface.
  • Provides excellent gloss and protection for both interior and exterior polished concrete surfaces.

5 Gallons (19L)





Diamond Xtract Concrete Cleaner and Enhancer

Diamond Xtract Gloss - Cleaner & Enhancer

  • Exceptional floor cleaner and enhancer that protects all types of concrete floors with the added feature of leaving a gloss finish.
  • Cleans oil, grease and regular soils from the pores and surface.
  • Gives maximum efficiency without harming the floor surface or the environment.
  • Cleans better, quicker, and more thoroughly than any other product presently offered in the market.
  • Contains proprietary ingredients that encapsulate soils for easy removal and also pulls soils out of the pores of the concrete.
  • Will not create buildup when reapplied.
  • Diamond Xtract Gloss is specifically formulated to work with concrete, terrazzo and other cementitious floors.

12oz (0.4L)