The problem: Concrete & terrazzo floors are rarely even.

The DuraShine
Flex Plate

The Solution:
A big challenge in floor care is working on an uneven surface. The revolutionary patented DuraShine Flex plate is engineered to ride over the highs and lows on any floor. The flexible head keeps the drive plate parallel to the floor while each spring steel arm moves up or down independently, staying in constant contact with any uneven floor. The DuraShine Flex Plate is currently available on a Propane machine and an electric machine.
Weighted DuraShine Flex Plate stays level with the uneven floor


Change tools easily with the QuickClick system

The problem: Tool changes can significantly add labor costs.

QuickClick saves time

The Solution:
The patent pending QuickClick System securely affixes tools to the DuraShine Flex Plate. Align the two lock pins into the holes on each spoke and slide it towards the outer edge to lock into place. To remove simply tap the outer edge with a rubber mallet.



The problem: Convensional pads get used unevenly.

Unique design.
Better performance.

The Solution:
The DuraShine System tools are uniquely shaped to increase performance. The boomerang design places 70% of the tooling surface in the most optimal postion on the drive plate, which is the outer edge. Comparitively, round tools have as little as 30%. Get more from your DuraShine tools than convensional systems.
DuraShine tools are designed for optimal performance


Polish, refurbish and maintaing with the DuraShine System

The problem: Most systems and machines don't multi task.


The Solution:
The DuraShine System offers a full range of tools to polish, refurbish and maintain concrete and terrazzo floors. The system can multi-task from light grinding, to polishing, to daily buffing. A complete range of chemicals have been rigorously tested and approved.